20 December 2008

useful photoshop tutorial sites

just some i have come across that might be useful to someone new at photoshop.
different tricks and tips to make "glow worms" or tenticles,clear or stylized writing,etc.

some explain better the use of some of the filters that come with the product,such as polar co-ordinates (useful in circle writing around an object).
one thing i've noticed about PS is their blur could be better.perhaps it's improved in later versions such as CS,but in 7 as i use,it sucks.you have to repeat an area quite a bit to blur,and sometimes you're better off making another layer and just using gaussian blur instead.

on to the sites:
absolute cross
this guy is good with full,clear descriptions,some accompanied by video.

yes,youtube! all kinds of video help here if you look around.
there's one rather startling one about photoshopping people where a BBW model is made thin.one wonders if she knew her image was used for that purpose.that's kind of insulting when you think about it,though it does prove a point about the extent of digital airbrushing.

tutorial guide
not just photoshop here,but also GIMP,corel,and several others.very informative.

adobe tutorialz
comprehensive site,with help by other members.

photoshop support
tutorials,and tools.

aid on different PS versions,seeming to lean heavy on illustrator.

web developer's virtual library
tutorials,free vectors,java,css,templates.

member help,freebees,tutorials,etc.good site.

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