17 July 2009

just some simple rants today LOL

a heads up to video posters-i had heard ASCAP is now deciding to go after people who post music videos.meaning a youtube code would be considered stealing too.so,if you have any music ones on your blog,you might want to think about removing them.
you know,i can understand their point a bit,after all bars have to pay ASCAP fees
for public performance,even radio/jukebox.
BUT i do think to some degree it alienates users.i know there's a couple of bands i never would of heard of and bought CD's if it weren't for youtube.just sayin'.

the whole michael jackson thing

yea,yea,i know you've heard enough.but i just wanted to make an observation.
how sad..the whole thing.see,when i was little in the 70's,i remember him as he was then.a chubby cheeked little kid with a whole lot of charisma.not the gaunt skeleton.
i was never particularily a "fan",but i do recognize he had talent,no doubt.
i am frankly disgusted there are people out there that would let a person,any person-not just MJ-get access to hardcore drugs like that.

there's no reason to have propofol outside of a hospital.when my dad had terminal cancer,the most he could hope for was morphine-and it quit working after awhile.
and believe me you,they were right there to pick up the remainder when he died.
which was fine,but a bit rude that quickly.oh well,rules is rules,right?

it's amazing what people will do for money.or not do,as the case may be.
i hope those doctors can live with that.so much for their oath.