13 October 2009

health care,tooth fairies and other american myths

so..can somebody enlighten me to what this whole health care reform fight is about?
i'm hearing they're concentrating on 15-40 year olds (great,screwed again),and also hearing we'll get fines if we don't get insurance?

now,if i HAD the money for insurance,wouldn't i have it already? all a fine will do,if this is true is further punish low income people.
low income in this case i mean the working poor who make just a pissing amount too much to qualify for help of any kind.

now considering we have to work til at least 62/65 barring accidents that stop us from working,i do think 40-65 should have some qualifications..unless we're being thrown in that "death bracket" i keep hearing about.
if any of that rumor is true,then that means we'll probably be camels for the ones who are getting some kind of coverage.
some how i feel i'm gonna be paying for yet another service i'm not eligible for.

granted,some of this is probably talk to slant a side,but you have to admit a lot of the real info seems vague.

oh..and tooth fairies?
since when do kids get $1 per tooth?i got thrown a dime,and considered myself lucky.
that bitch owes me back pay LOL ;)

04 October 2009

lions and bears and bums..oh my

my zazzle artist list has been updated,so check 'em out.
been busy doing the seasonal clean out,so i was a bit behind.


speaking of clean out..
dropped off a lot of glasses to the lions'club box.they take old prescription glasses
and i guess clean them up and re-distribute them.we had quite a few from various family members,so i figured somebody could use them.but it's a good idea,eyeglasses are hideously expensive nowadays..however,just like everything else.

so i've sitting back and watching what the town has spent the "stimulus" money on.
let's see..a 6 figure reproduction "horse trough" for the square..
um..it's illegal to ride horses locally..not even the cops..so who the F is gonna use this thing exactly!?
we have streets that haven't been paved since 1977,and..let's buy a trough.
oh,wait..that's not fair.they pave the 3 main streets every year,god forbid the tourist see how the rest of us "non-400" live.

and while we're speaking of the 3 main roads..
they redid the square to look old style..slate sidewalk pieces,and borders at the top of streets with cobblestone.now,while it looks nice,the bums who live at the Y are etching the stone for them.there's a NICE big stain on the slate right outside from vomit.
charming..it's already geting ruined.

while obama may have meant well with stimulus packages,they really should monitor how the money's getting spent.these city governments are spending it on shit as usual,which is how we got in this fix in the first place.garish overspending.
pave the streets school buses travel on,for F's sake.shouldn't kid's safety come above tourists?

ok,this has nothing to do with the above..but i thought i'd mention we have binders now.these are pretty cool,i'm glad they added them.
the guide file could choke a horse,but it's worth it :)=)