23 December 2009

OMG! snow! i'm gonna die!... puhleeze...

have you ever noticed now every storm is "record" "of the century" "deadly" yadda yadda yadda..whiff o' snow? oh lord,call school off..
sure,people were paranoid when i was a kid about it,scrambling for the "bread and milk run" (as if it were a blizzard,those two things would be worth eating for 2 weeks..mom,get some real food,K?)
but now,every little storm is going to cause instant death on impact.

we had a lot more than this recent fall in 1978.this is NOTHING-we had a lot more every winter back then than falls now (hmm..maybe there is something to global warming..but right now,i'm not feeling it).we lived-and this in the time of the atari.
ok,the makeup days royally sucked-we barely got a summer vacation that year.
i imagine if school went into august nowadays,parents would be howling their precious lil' princes didn't have air conditioning.oh WAH.
back in the old days we got told "suck it up" and that was the end of it.:)

when exactly did we become so fragile?
sad thing is-i see no kids out playing in the snow,snowballs,snow forts..
put the tech down kids.when you get older and have no free time,you might wish you did once in a while.although you're never too old to plop your 'bro in the head with a snowball.it's even funnier when they're 40 something :)=)

10 December 2009

do you know me?found cat aquidneck island RI

this beautiful cat was found cold,shivering and hungry.
she is about 2 years old,clean,parasite free and litterbox trained.
very very sweet.
she is currently being cared for with attempts to locate owner being made.

if you think you recognize this cat,please contact this blog.

cat has been adopted-thanks to all that viewed:)

08 December 2009

things you can't use on zazzle! :)

since there seems to be no comprehensive list there of protected words,phrases n stuff,i thought i'd bite the bullet and try to start one of known ones.if you know of more,feel free to add on this thread.as people get "copywrited","registered" and "trademarked"
often confused,for the sense of continuity,i'm using the word "owns/owned" here.

i'm not listing everything of course,some should be obvious,refer to zazzle's usage help and or US trademark office.zazzle has the final say on these things,ask them if you have questions.
(note:i do not use any of the below,i'm just trying to help people.)

tribute to so-and-so items
usually not a good idea.sometimes even if you have the best intentions,the artist/band/estate/company may not agree with you.

example-michael jackson.
"1958-2009" "dancing silhouette" "fedora hat" "MJ" or "glove" are immedietly recognizable as representing him especially in combination.
even if not owned,the question of "product deception" type suits may come up.i wouldn't suggest doing it.

example 2-MLK (martin luther king).
respect the man,but maketh not the t-shirt.his family doesn't like it.
and i can't say i blame them..it is their right to make or not make one.

the band name logo and makeup are owned by them.
gene simmons' lawyers will eat you for lunch.don't do it.
kiss already has a zazzle store of their own.

moneybag emblem with dollar sign having 2 lines through it
owned by gene simmons'.i shit you not.

go green
somebody now owns it.

caution and or caution!
somebody owns this.

symbols,emblems and keywords pertaining to US marine corps
owned.although i have heard pre/WW2 gov't issued vintage posters are ok as in the public domain?
i would still check first.

save the earth
i believe this phrase is now owned.

sweet pea
a store owner had a problem with this awhile back.i think a food company may own it.

life is a beach
pretty sure this is now owned by somebody.

twilight anything
don't do it,i warned you.CP'ers i think have limited granted rights,but CP is not zazzle.keywords such as "twilight","vampire","bites","sucks" and probably even "sparkles" seem to be getting people reported even when not related to anything to do with the movie/book.
(i bet people with pictures of sparkling twilight sunsets must be bumming..)

pseudo swastikas
if you use this at all in the non-germanic sense as the buddhist/tibetans and some native american tribes have one similar,i would highly suggest you note that on your
description or it will most likely be reported.
if you try to use the nazi version,you will most likely be reported,and have major problems on zazzle.de,because i believe usage of nazi symbolism is now illegal in germany.

football uniform colors when used with team name or insignia
usually owned by somebody NFL.

owned by somebody.
i would check if you intend to use any other "net" acronyms,because somebody will probably do those too eventually.

astronauts-NASA images
while Nasa pictures are more or less public domain (via tax payer dollars),an astronaut image may get buzz's estate knocking.i don't get that one myself.

i'm not sure how this got weaseled,but now a no-no.i'd like to see what the military's gonna do about that claim.i suggest renaming it if you're gonna use your OWN pattern.

"for the cure"
phrase claimed.can't use it.

problem words-
"fallen" and "drama queen" and "yo mama" have had problems.
"who dat" was having problems,but i believe that was overturned.ask zazzle.
"bad girl" even in a sentence is now appearently on that list.funny,i thought it only extended to the EXACT words by law.silly me,eh?

"pebble beach"
owned by a resort or something similar.

quotes & personages protected by CMG
protected phrases and etc

and while were at it,for further knowledge
i have seen too many alterations of this to report with and without crossbones.
this is from "evil ernie" the comic by pulido and hughes .it is NOT public domain.

01 December 2009

repost for NYC-amputee cat needs new home

not like normal cats, but that doesn’t bother her!! She is still as sweet as pie even though she doesn’t have hind feet (she walks around on stubs but vet said it looks like she has been that way for a while) Can you save her before it is too late?

Medical entry:
PHYSICAL EXAM-Slight tartar and dental staining
Ear mites treated with acarexx
Thin and under weight,but good appetite
Missing both hind feet, appears to have been amputated a while ago
CONTACT-Holly Luback(917) 471-0700
Brooklyn Care Center
New Hope Liaison
Pamela Ward, New Hope Coordinator
Office: 718-272-7203 x 231; Cell: 646-772-5293