09 February 2010

another reason to be thankful..

..i did not have kids..

they busted some kids at the providence place mall spitting down from the uppers on a family..mother,father,even the baby in the stroller.
nasty lil bastards.

the thing here is,this isn't a new game.the kids at,shall we say, the "other mall" were doing this in the 80's.you knew not to stand in the middle,much less get a kiosk job unless it had an awning.i was there once when somebody threw a shoe down and the guy yelled up at the kid about how easy he was going to be to find with one shoe LOL.

but now it's a big deal?why? because it's PPM?
but no matter how you look at it..that's just plain uncalled for.there's some nasty people in this state,man.

VMA's and janet jackson

i was watching this on youtube and she did a live version of "scream",which she had originally done with her brother michael.i have to say..that's one strong woman.
i don't think i could have done that.my brother just croaked,singing would be the last thing on my mind.powerful.

the superbowl and the "slapping kid" commercial

ok,that was funny.this lil kid slaps his mother's would be paramour and reads him the riot act about going out with her.being a 70's kid myself,i couldn't help but think if that kid was born in my time,the guy would have launched him LOL.