25 October 2011

proof i'm getting old,part 2.

so..i was watching the old star trek on tv while talking to a much younger friend.
to my surprise,she declared it,"boring".
boring?star trek?
ok,tacky in places..but for the time..

i asked her why she found it boring,and in the course of conversation realized the viewer gulf.her generation now has quite a few things commonplace now.

console computers?check.and they have laptops.
communcators?check.they have cell phones.close enough.
big ass wall screens?check.hdtv large screens.

i guess to them it's no big deal.borderline yawn worthy probably.
how times change.

14 October 2011

what grinds my gears..

"..for women over 40"..
ok..so maybe because i'm 42,that phrase when applied to fashion drives a wedge up my ass.OMG,how dare we be over the magic age of 24 (who decided that?),and all of a sudden at the strike of the first minute of 40(horrors)we must cut our hair and dress matronly.
now,i'm not talking about wearing clubwear aimed at the younger set 24/7,but i do not care for fashion designers that act like we are instantly to be ashamed of being so "old" or something.

i will wear my long hair..down,at that.
i will wear jeans and a rock shirt.and chuck taylor's if i wanna.
when i am 80,i will happily wear burqa-esqe clothes then,because by that time i will not likely want to look at myself either..but that will be my decision,not the media youth machine.