24 June 2007

Work at home things you actually do make money at

ok..so here's the poop.
a few years ago,i was asked on a board if i knew of any sites that you could actually make money from home on.at the time, i didn't know any that were legit.
through trial and error (oh yea,a lot of on the error side) i found some that paid,and paid on time.most of them you need either a paypal or an e-gold account to do,and of course what you get out of it is what you put in to it timewise,and promotion wise.your mileage may of course,vary.
minimum payout is what you have to reach before you cash out.

*note forum types and pay to click (looking at ads),and some of the game type sites are the best ones.surveys don't always have ones that match every user,so you rarely get them.but they're still good for the occasional supplimental.

this is a forum type,and one of the best.
the people here are so nice,the pay is just a bonus:)
min payout-$10

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twisted clickers
*site now dead AFAIK-i think myster-e-mail is now too*
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low payout-$10.however,i recommend you set your payout to $20-there's a $3 check fee.
recommend upgrade also,you make it back quickly.

i will be adding more as i find worthwhile ones :)

various helpful things....

marketing pond
this one helps you build your downline,and free publicity
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their main pages,join for marketing tips:
M P main

for work at home moms (and others)
very useful,they also have a scam list.

rat race rebellion
scam warnings,job listings.pretty good site.

hongkiat's blog
a comprehensive list of paid blogger programs.
hongkiat paid blogger list

submit or do a task.

problogger job board
listings of different jobs.

you may also find this software useful:
affiliate organizer
stores all your affiliate info and passwords in one place,also banners,text codes,and html links.that way when you join multiple sites,you don't have to look up every single one everytime.

for those of you who don't want to hand out your number,we have this
(a tip from a friend):
private phone

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