13 March 2010

awesomeness on twitter LOL

i'm sorry,but i find this hilarious-
one woman's revenge for being left behind on her anniversary.
i bet the guy's gonna be sorry by the time he gets back from south by southwest.

have heart,girl-at least he knows it's your anniversary,right?more than some can say.

i had an ex that played that festival once..i think it's not as local as it once was now tho-seems that way.he seemed to enjoy it though.

awesomeness not on twitter-
the makers of "i can has cheezburger" now have an offshoot site called "failbook"
of postings made on facebook.you might want to check it out..some of the entries are LOLs.:)

unabashed plugness
for those that have never checked this out,you might want to,it's pretty cool.
you get "bucks" you can save up to cash in for stuff like video games,movies,amazon certificates..all kinds of stuff.what the hey,it's free for just browsing,something you do anyway.
if you want stuff from a band's swagbucks,make sure you sign up on their swag site.i'm not sure you can get them from the main.

10 March 2010

why i hate st.patrick's day

simple..i am part irish.
it's gotten to the point where every year,we're deluged with the "drunken irish" t-shirts.i saw one today that said "10% irish,100% drunk".
ha ha..F you.

can someone tell me why this is funny,where if any other people were targeted like this,year after year there'd be screaming and howling and outcry?
i used to have a sense of humor about it,but it's getting old.

the funny thing is the people i usually see the drunkest at st patrick day celebrations aren't irish.although i must admit,that green beer really looks spectacular the second time around...until they have to clean it up.