12 October 2008

weebles wobble and they don't fall down

..but they do go crunch if you step on them.
man,i think i broke my brother's camera.i really feel f'n bad about it..
i swear all i did was change the batteries!he shrugged it off as being 14 years old,but i still feel bad-made for a crappy day.

interesting things you find on camera,speaking of..
the RIDOT has a sneak camera set up at various places in the state.a lot of people i know are using it to peep major accidents (you frickin' ghouls),check weather here and there,and probably spy on people if i know them.

funny thing..most of them are set up near porn stores/strip joints.
co-inky-dink?yea..that must be it.
anyway-if you're bored,check it out

RIDOT cameras

gene,you have no shame..

did we really need KISS potatoheads?
i'm still waiting for KISS geritol.sooner or later,i'll probably need it.