20 September 2010

2 cats in need,one living near bear

September 13, 2010
JILLIAN #A866730
At the Manhattan shelt

CALL: 212 722 4939 HIT "0"
SHELTER LOCATION in Manhattan: 326 E 110th St, New York, NY 10029 before 8PM
Or for questions:
Trudy Schilder: tssh1@optonline.net

Jillian #A866730
Just over 2 years old, unspayed 5.5 lb. female, return adoption by owner due to illness. Beautiful, sweet cat had URI. Came in (returned actually) on August 19, 2010. Been interred in a small cage at this godforsaken shelter for 25 days now. Isn't it enough already?

Jillian is cute, she's sweet, she's attentive, she's funny, she's affectionate, she's a lot of things... all good. She has no fear
of strangers, in fact she adores everyone who visits with her. She's comfortable in her own skin and she makes you comfortable too. A special kitty who anyone can love.
OK everyone: purrsonal favor this time. This poor cat is sharing territory with a bear- you heard me- a bear. But it keeps coming back for the only affection and food is what my friends' elderly mother provides- long story as to why she cannot come inside this lady's home... but she will provide all vetting to bring this kitteh up to speed for a safe home/rescue.
This one is causing serious issues between me and my hubby since I so badly need to see this cat off the street ( and since the Quincy problem he adamantly says NO) before the cold snaps.. or it gets into it with racoon, bear or coyote ( this is in West Milford).. please crosspost far and wide. Super friendly, affectionate, sweet stray- all vetting will be done- transport avail directly within reason, otherwise arrangements can be made. Please help this cat, and indirectly, help me.... thank you very much.

CONTACT: DOREEN 973-960-6615 Doreen.Zelasko@bp.com

URGENT !!! - Gorgeous affect

ionate abandoned cat needs home ASAP !!!

Vetting will be provided - This is such a sweet cat !!!! Please help

see pix attached

Hi all ,

This is a pix of the stray cat that is now living outside my mom's house. My mom has an older blind, diabetic dog and cannot take on another pet.

The cat tries to get in my mom's house all the time. She is providing food and water and offered to pay for aids/leukemia test, vaccinations, altering (if needed), Frontline, worming. She is not sure if it is a male or female.

The cat sleeps in my mom's bushes every night. So sad, because she lives in a development and someone "dumped" the poor thing.

Do you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting or fostering?
I will take care of

all the vet necessities prior so he/she will be vetted first.

Sorry pix are not the best, they were taken with a phone.


c 973-960-6615

08 September 2010

bayshore,long island-2 cats in need

repost for trudy:

Bayshore, Long Island
These 2 Eight Year Old Declawed Kitties were Dumped in a Tiny Cage in the HOT Garage...Thelma & Louise
***Owner Simply Grew Tired of Having Pets!!!***

**Sweet, Loving, HEALTHY, Mushy Cats*** Thelma & Louise
Two 8 year old, long haired, DECLAWED girls who were left in a hot garage, tiny cage, for 3 months b/c the man "tired of them",a rescuer, Danielle, somehow got a hold of them and brought them HOME only to find out that her fiancé is deathly allergic...she is a dog rescuer...the cats DO NOT really like each other so they DON't need to stay together at all!!!
Please adopt one or both of these deserving girls who did not deserve this treatment!!
They WILL be going to a pound shortly if not placed...Danielle has NO choice now...she's heart broken!
Thanks for Helping, in any way...
Trudy Schilder

Contact Me: Trudy Schilder

04 September 2010

things and stuff..

for absent "friendemies"