22 November 2012

"black thursday"

wow..i guess it's been awhile since i posted,eh? anyway.. black thursday.what can i say here?this is wrong. it's bad enough workers are treated like slaves,with no insurance,no retirement, shit wages and a thinly veiled "do it or else,there's so many people out of work we'll just fire you" policy,but now,they can't even have a holiday with their family. there's nothing i need so bad that a:i'm gonna camp out in line and b:i want someone to work on the holidays. plus,i hate the cow pen that is big box stores. now,in any kind of service industry,you kind of expect to be screwed on any type of basic kindnesses,but this is above and beyond.big box stores,YOU SUCK.quit being self serving douches.i know it's hard,but TRY.and people that encourage it,shame on you. i guess this year,i am thankful i am now self employed.i'm done with slaving to make faceless CEO's rich while i eat ramen. have a happy,y'all.