05 January 2008

save the sparta 22!!!

these cats and kittens are all being slated for destruction due to a merge
and no room january 11th.if you are in the new jersey area and have wanted a cat,
please consider saving one.

my gallery at zazzle

yea,i know i've been lazy,haven't posted in awhile.
feeling like crap will do that to you.
anyway,on to today's topic..

zazzle's a pretty cool website-i recommend it.i've been on there awhile.
it's a great place for bands to make and sell t-shirts,bumper stickers,buttons,all kinds of shit with no start up costs.and you get paid.you can even link it to your myspace.set your commission and off you go.

there's some major bands over there right now,
KISS,alice cooper,rob zombie,tommy lee,pantera,etc.
my guess it's not the artist themselves posting in most cases but their company or
whoever handles their merch,particularily in the case of pantera.
but none the less,cool stuff.

anyway,here's my panel,check it out,and maybe buy.
all proceeds help me to care for my mom,a veteran widow.