18 August 2009

some whine..with cheese..

i would ask if this state could get any more corrupt..but i already know that's a dumb question.so,now the governor has the brights to think about trying to tax already failing businesses $1000 per worker.which is probably gonna cause layoffs or downsizing..
and people already being paid shit even worse.or become omnijobs,where you have 3 hats and one check.and he's raising bridge tolls everywhere,which will probably make the remainder leave from overhead.

pft..last one out turn the light off..if the power company hasn't shut it off already on ya.

this weather has been some freaky this year.i don't think i've ever seen the state this hot.this is alabama humid.i predict this'll be the year for a really bad hurricane at some point,it's pretty ripe conditions for it.any other east coasters feel this way?

can we all stop picking apart jackson minutia?please?
i was watching a scandal sheet show the other day that has his phone calls for god's sake.
he's dead.he will always be dead from this point forward.
for the love of god and hope for normal tv,let it go.i do not need to know his preference of toilet paper or if he counted his cheetos before eating them.

while i'm bitching (yea i do that)i wonder who the choad neighbor was that called on bob dylan,thinking he was a local bum wandering around..how could you mistake that guy for anybody-particularily that voice?
to make it worse,the cop who came to check had no idea either.
the times they are a' changin...LOL