25 November 2009

justice for buster the cat-please sign petition

as many who know me know,i am more or less a feline advocate.
so if that makes me a "crazy cat lady",so be it.i've been called worse..
anyway-so when i hear such a horrific tale as poor buster's,i have to spread the word.

buster was a tabby who was..immolated,basically..ALIVE by some sick,cruel people.
now wolf,some people would say.."he was just an animal"..
and animal who was loved,and cherished by somebody.an animal with feelings,that feels pain.

if they can kill an animal,watch it die in pain,and laugh..they can easily kill something else.maybe a human next time.then is it more important?

anyway,before i get too radical up in here..
please sign the petition to strengthen the law's hand againt sick bastards like this-
and throw them in jail where they belong.
that poor cat :(
justice for buster

"cats in crisis" desperately needing donations
while i'm on the subject-cats in crisis,a charitable organization is in dire need right now,needing donations to continue their good works.please stop by if you have
a minute and donate even 50 cents if you can.

cats in crisis-a 501 organization

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