06 July 2007

free useful artistic programs/sites

i always get asked for help in finding free programs or sites for creating..so i'll start a list here of some indispensible good ones for you.i will add 'em as i come across them.

photo manipulation and retouching.kind of like photoshop
graphic viewer,also resize,and ability to use filters without photoshop.
doesn't work with all filters,but does do a great deal of them.
the plugin site
many free/trial plugins.i recommend harald's own,he has some good effects.
project dogwaffle
a nice free program.interface is a little confusing til you get used to it,but very versatile.i used it for many years before getting photoshop.there's both a free and an upgrade version.
abr viewer
VERY handy to check out abr. brush files before you install them.
30 day trial.i used this for many,many years.you can do quite a few things with this,if you add infranview for filters,as it does not do them.good starter program.
adobe for photoshop
almost more add-ons than you can possibly go through.
mayang's free textures
incredible gallery of all kinds of amazing textures..check it out.
textures & images.

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