09 September 2009

helpful links for those with cats needing medical assistance

nowadays,the price of veterinary care has skyrocketed for those with pets with chronic problems,or even for a simple spay and neuter.times being what they are,sometimes a choice must be made to put off medical care for pets,although it hurts people to do so.
in my travels around the web,i have have found a few links that might be helpful to those needing medical care and options to aid their pet.these organizations below
offer free,reduced,or financial help for cats:

Cats in Crisis
Cats in Crisis Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization dedicated to helping
individuals and humane organizations
care for cats with chronic or emergency medical conditions
through financial and fundraising assistance.
cats in crisis homepage

aid for spay/neuter for your pet

and some links courtesy of my friend pyewacket:
Wish upon a hero
a place to request help from others
Wish upon a hero website

a page of help from their forum
Petfinder help

a page from their forum about help
Catster help

PGAA financial help
another organization for medical aid
PGAA pet aid

hopefully this can help someone in need.
if your pet is not ill and you are able,please consider a donation to one of the above.

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