21 January 2011

new cat rescue listings for january

first,happy new year to one and all:)

and now on to the kitties(reposting for various):

abandoned at 15-
Brooklyn’s Sensational senior in need of rehoming, help us help this ole guy.
His name is Valentine and he was given up by his owner he is 15 years old Valentine weighs 5.6 LBS

Medical states the following:
Scan negative
Nuetered.. geriatric
Tolerates all handling
Thin, underweight, slightly dehydrated
BS - 1.50
As per Dr. Singh given 150cc LRS SQ., 3cc nutrical
Good appetite
Dirty coat
Moderate tartar and gingivitis
Sabrina James, New Hope Coordinator/ Evaluator, Office: 718-272-7201 x253 Cell: 646-210-5375; Email: sjames@nycacc.org

Pam Ward, New Hope Coordinator, Office: 718-272-7201 x231;
Email pward@nycacc.org

Jess Van Brunt, C: 646-210-5404; Email: jvanbrunt@nycacc.org
brother and sister grey kitties

This beautiful pair of cats were dumped by their family at Christmas. Fiona is medium-haired gray and her brother Elvis is a Russian Blue short-haired. They are about 2 years old, up to date on medical, negative for FeLV/FIV and spayed/neutered. They are friendly and perfectly behaved in their current foster home. The foster home where they are was meant as a temporary holding place to avoid them going to a kill shelter, but they still have not been adopted and they need a permanent home as soon as possible. They are located in Central New Jersey, but transport reasonable distance can be arranged. If you can help Fiona and Elvis, please contact RescueHAL@aol.com.


This is Ollie. He is about 10 years old, and his owner
just passed from cancer. He is currently being boarded at her vet, in
Totowa, NJ. He is very laid back, extremely affectionate, and vocal, as you
can see from the picture. He just loves attention and is miserable
in his cage. He has been adopted and returned a few times now because he was spraying,but he never sprayed in his foster home and we finally figured out
the problem. He only likes female cats. If he shares a home with a male cat,
he will spray. He does not growl or his, just marks. So if anyone has an all-girl cat household, he would be the perfect addition. He is a real loverboy .
He is very mellow, just wants to sleep, eat and get lots of loving and scratching.

Thank you, Alexandra

(blogger's note-neutering will stop the spray.unfixed males of course will do that around other males.they usually chill after because there's no need to be as aggressive,and can usually live with other males)

near frozen tux needs help!

Hamilton, IL: 1-21-10 This poor guy wonder up into a garage half frozen last night. I got the call and took him up to my vets. He could barely stand up, couldn't move his tail, pottied all over himself, loaded with fleas, ears are so impacted with mites-he tilts his head, he is extremely emaciated and dehydrated. Through it all, even before we got him out of the crate, he was purring!
He spent the night at my vets getting fluids and they are keeping an eye on him today. If anyone can please help me with his vet bill, I would be extremely grateful. I hadn't planned on him coming in and any amount would be greatly appreciated. Our vet is Hancock Vet Clinic 217-847-3911

Anissa Sadeghi

West Hancock Canine Rescue

tux kitty