14 November 2010

new rescues and a word for winter

well,it's wintertime again,and..WTF is that smell?
something in the neighborhood has a cloying sawdusty quality about it it's adding to the air.wakes me up choking.lovely.
considering a house in my area caught fire the other day,i'm doing a public service announcement today.
people,please have your furnaces/chimneys/filters checked for soot buildup before you run them this year.if not for yourself,for your loved ones...it's dangerous as shit to
not tend to.

and now,on to the kitties..
repost for trudy
Long Island NY

Jake Boy, Love Kitty

Rescued by a dear friend of mine... Jake was in the Freeport Animal Shelter...this is JAKE!!!
Linda can attest to his marvelous, loving and gentle personality...why was he dumped...THAT is the question! Someone quickly put in an application to ADOPT him and NEVER showed up. He missed out on other opportunities while awaiting his adopters...who were never to return!
The shelter is now so full that they had to place Jake in a teeny tiny cage...Linda could not bear to see this full of love, grown kitty smashed into a tiny cage! She pulled him out to foster but now her elderly, sickly kitties are very stressed out and angry!
We are TRYING to avoid bringing Jake back to the shelter...please help us to help Jake!
This cat has a personality that will hold you captive!

hope for hempstead

Huntington, Long Island
*Pal Joey is Homeless...AGAIN!*

After being rescued from the Kill Shelter in NYC, one day before he was to be euthanized, this soulful, non stop purring kitty, is Without a HOME...AGAIN!
The saddest part is that Joey had not just one adopter, but two! The first adopter backed off initially and we found him another wonderful home...until the first adopter BEGGED to have him.
We placed another needy kitty with the other home, only to be, once again, disappointed by Joey's original adopter!!!!!!!!!! SHAME on US!!!!!
Now we are scrambling for a loving HOME for this magnificent, sweet boy, JOEY.
JOEY is approx 5 years old and was found roaming the streets, all alone and scared. He was turned into the NYC Kill Shelter...the rest is history.
There are surly cats as sweet as JOEY but none sweeter.
**We are NOW, DESPERATE to place this boy...please circulate his photo and story.**
THANK YOU SO KINDLY on behalf of Pal Joey!
Please contact me,
Trudy Schilder
631 351 1915