09 October 2007

paid survey sites

some survey sites i've come across..some good,some bad..
can be good for extra income if you don't mind being asked
somewhat personal questions on occasion.
as usual,will add more as i check them out.

opinion outpost
ROCKS!in less than 3 weeks,i made $17.
i highly recommend this.
pays by check.

valued opinions
recieved gift card of $20,so it does pay.

pinecone research
one of the better ones i'm told,but they're picky about when and if they accept someone.you have to search out a banner when they do have openings (seriously)
because they neither have sign up or referral.
i finally found a banner after a month of looking,but i never heard from them,so i guess i wasn't their cup of tea.*sniff* oh well.

vindale research
pays quite a bit per survey..catch? most offers you have to have a credit card.
requires you to buy items to review,though it does pay back basically.
so,i guess great if you want to do that.

NPD online research
they don't pay in a manner of speaking~but what they do is give you credits toward sweepland,another of their sites.you can choose where to put your credits,kind of a lotto in a way.it IS fun tho,good for spare time.you might win money/prizes.

My view
fairly regular surveys,pretty interesting.
usually $1-3 each on average.catch?takes up to 8 weeks to pay.
but if you have no problem waiting,good extra $.
my view
starting to be hard to qualify..hmm..

harris poll online
they're not bad.another one who gives redeemable points instead of $.
came through with prize,and quick too.recommend.

sucks.i never got surveys.at all.

really sucks.not only did they never confirm my signup,they never answered the "i'm having a problem" link.
waste of time.

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