02 October 2007

guy lives in mall 4 years,they just noticed..

ah,i love this state..

links here:
provi artist
and here:

well..i don't know whether to give him the "balls of an elephant" or the "artistic genius" award LOL
but being as i'm a RI artist,i'll at least give him press.i can't believe nobody noticed him for 4 years.as far as i know,there's cameras all over that mall.

did you really think RI'd let you live anywhere for free? NOT;)
anyhow..check out the website.

off topic:
who really was surprised britney got her kids taken away?
oh,wait."leave britney aloooooooone"..i forgot..LOL

on topic:
speaking of "artists"..i'd like to give special thanks to the lil douchebag(s)
who grafitti'd my mom's porch this morning.feel good picking on a widow?
jerks.may your crabs become lobsters.

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