27 September 2007

trouble in the trees..

so..one of the last big estates near me is going the way of condos.
11 new unit houses to be built on one lot,which is probably going to plunge this neighborhood into perpetual blackouts.the houses in this area already have enough problems staying up.a squirrel so much as farts on the power line,down it goes.

they pushed this through without even giving the residents a chance to object.money talks.but without a grid update,we're screwed.
the really sad thing?this property has many,many old growth trees which will probably be destroyed for the new housing.beautiful,60-100 footers.
very sad.needed?no.they can't sell a lot of the existing houses now,too expensive.
what they really need is apartment complexes,for people who probably never have a chance at home ownership due to picky banks and low wages.

i wonder sometimes who put the "civil" in civilization.


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