20 December 2008

interesting art networking sites

i thought i would compile a list of interesting "myspace" type networking sites i have found here and there-they might be useful to somebody.as always,if you know an interesting one,let me know and i'll add it to the list.

kind of a yuwie type site from what i've heard.i think you get thrown a few cents to post.

you get paid something here,but i don't think you're allowed personal links-so links to your art pages would probably be out.but you could still network with people.i'd check their TOS about posting.

good place to generate publicity.

My creative intent
definetly like a myspace.

artists emerge
you can add links,i think you have to pay to do a portfolio.

supposed to generate a fan base somehow.

spy-n-buy network
like squidoo,the guy who owns it is really nice from what i heard.

unseen tv
for artists with more of an erotic slant to their work.

projekt 30
more or less an online gallery.they have success placing artists (according to them)

deviantartthis site's been around for awhile.
you can upload stuff for free,making prints costs extra.

vector vault
a community of sorts-mainly for people who deal in vectors.

it's art,not stuff!
seems to be social and gallery site.not sure if you can sell through there,but probably add links at least.

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