11 December 2008

Dying,dead or might as well be PTC's

These are ones i know of that either have closed up,or may be in the process.
sad,some of them were cool.I have noticed one big warning sign of something reaching it's end usually is switching to points system,"prize"(as in you'll never see one) system,or less mails due to no advertising.
Apairof-this used to be a great site,they always paid.
Haven't seen mails in months now,i gave up on it.

Myster-e-mail-i guess she's closing this,no new members are being accepted.

Twisted clickers-same owner,i don't know what's going on here.
Big warning sign on site about some graphic artist.

Netwinner-They switched to points,i've never seen any prize playing this for two years,screw it.You can take the chance if you want to.

Ciao-I don't know what to think of this.They were paying,and now it's a contest.
I'm not fighting thousands of other people for a few pay slots.As usual,the cut and pasters F'd it up for everyone else.
Also a lot of "wouldya look at my review" people blowing up your mailbox,even though it says in the TOS don't do that shit.
ciao is merging/becoming bing,shutting down the ciao part.nevermind now.


Jesse Mendez said...

Hi there! how are you? I was looking through your blog and found it nice to me, so I have one also. It is here in Southern Califonia at San Diego.

I would like it if you could stop by sometime and be cool with us, I have a lot of muse. Labels, music videos or just music that touches me, and generally writings and poetry when I feel it.

So I hope you will visit my High Art blog here soon,
thank you and take care.... :)

Wolf said...

sure,i'll stop by as soon as i have a free moment here :)