18 July 2007

"pay" work at home sites that suck

starting my list of time wasters..
i'm not making active links on this one.

as a general rule,most "point" sites suck.
some point and pay sites can be ok,but it's case by case.
anyway..these are ones i've left because i never got anywhere.

*lotto type site*
you make spins too easy,then you have to click on a banner just to get a result.
guess what?it signed you up for something.if you do join it,head for the health advice related banners.at least it's not a click-you're-screwed.

they never sent me any surveys! what a joke.
the only way to unsubscribe is to find the link under help.
they don't make it obvious.

you want to click for points eternally and maybe make all of 8 cents,go ahead.
they never seem to have any ads at all in the earning options.
i got about 7 mails a day,if i was lucky.
the one plus i will give is some ads can be re-clicked in 24 hours.but it still doesn't add up to much.

complete waste of time.barely got any clicks,and when i did,the page brainfarted.
i guess the only way to make money is buy their refferals..after you pay to upgrade,that is.

i no longer endorse this site.i was kicked off with no warning for "invalid user profile"-which was total bullshit.everything was correct.i emailed the owner to ask what was wrong,never got an answer.lost 13 bucks and was one away from a free referal.
i should have known,my sponsor was also kicked off like that.

while they did pay after me waiting 3 months,they keep changing their rules
and now not open to anyone outside of US,UK,or canada.

promises prizes,never won anything after several months,and they zapped all my points for "inactivity".seems like another netwinner.

changes rules and prizes,you play and play and never win.

zoom panel
survey/prize site.
never fully subscribed me,never responded to alternate email verification.
i really don't know why they have a site if they obviously don't want members.

was good,just disappeared one day like a lot do.
with $8 they owed me.honeyhitspro may be down too-same people.

takes for freaking ever to make a buck.you'll be bored..

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