14 July 2007

tip:compatible brushes for PSP/PS

many people like to install premade brushes for the two programs paint shop pro,and photoshop.photoshop,for example has many different versions,6,7,CS,elements..
before you install any,make sure it's for all,or the particular version you have
(and give credit where due to brush author).

but did you know some brushes for paint shop pro can be used for photoshop?

PS brushes usually have the .abr extension,PSP the .jbr.
in some cases,it's possible to rename the extension,say jbr-->abr,and use it in the other program.it does not work on all brushes,so you should check and see if the download comes with the image files.if it does,you can just remake it in your compatible program..

If you would like me to add your site,leave me a message,and i will.

some really cool brush sites:

you have to register,but worth it.

HUGE collection here

obsidian dawn
beautiful collection of excellent brushes here

many,many great ones here

All kinds of background type stuff

neat brushes,great assortment.

a megalist of different goodies for PS.

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