08 September 2010

bayshore,long island-2 cats in need

repost for trudy:

Bayshore, Long Island
These 2 Eight Year Old Declawed Kitties were Dumped in a Tiny Cage in the HOT Garage...Thelma & Louise
***Owner Simply Grew Tired of Having Pets!!!***

**Sweet, Loving, HEALTHY, Mushy Cats*** Thelma & Louise
Two 8 year old, long haired, DECLAWED girls who were left in a hot garage, tiny cage, for 3 months b/c the man "tired of them",a rescuer, Danielle, somehow got a hold of them and brought them HOME only to find out that her fiancé is deathly allergic...she is a dog rescuer...the cats DO NOT really like each other so they DON't need to stay together at all!!!
Please adopt one or both of these deserving girls who did not deserve this treatment!!
They WILL be going to a pound shortly if not placed...Danielle has NO choice now...she's heart broken!
Thanks for Helping, in any way...
Trudy Schilder

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Pin-Feathers said...

om gosh, poor kitties! I do hope they find a home.