26 June 2007

random celebrity poop

so,paris hilton is out of jail.BIG deal.
can somebody tell me why she even gets celeb status?
oh yeah..the rich thing.
i can't believe the crap she almost got away with.she got off easy as it is.
anybody i know that got popped with dui usually got a lot more time than she did,
and the safe driving school,and sometimes also community service.
she gets a tv interview. *sigh* america..

chris benoit dead

now this,is tragic.i was watching WWE last night and noticed they were speaking of him in the past tense,so i checked on line-he,his wife and one child were found dead in their home.very sad..i've seen some reports today saying it was a murder-suicide.

man,WWE isn't having a good month.first sensational sherry dies,now this.
i don't believe the whole "mc mahon limo blows up" line,i think he just wants to get off the show or something..but they must be feeling horrible now that they're getting the real thing.great moments in bad timing.

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