27 October 2007

talk to me victor,talk to me victor..

and a cookie goes to whoever gets that reference..

who's entered the zeppelin contest on vh-1?
oh hell yea,i wanna go.if i win,i'm going to have to speak to mr.plant about how it isn't nice to re-release solo albums with new stuff..after i already bought them all!
arrrrrgh..i guess the extended version of "9 lives" is an option.thank god i hadn't
bought that yet.

at chosen we were coldest of all..

so i've been watching the gate at my website-and i've been seeing some..really interesting clicks go thru.
norad..office of cio..davis monthan..
*looks up for black helicopters*
scary to say the least..then somebody told me about the flying monkeys squadron.
ding! ok..that makes sense.i'd never heard of them before.

i might have to get one of these..

i got a dog in the city pound that i left behind..

did anybody see alice on the scream awards with rob zombie?
that has got to be the best show of that kind yet.i look forward to it every year now.they showed a clip from "repo"
repo rock opera
looks promising.

happy halloween to everyone..and remember to keep your black cats in..
for their sakes.

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