15 September 2008

the new winging cat rescues

please help these cats if you can-they are slated to be euthanized.
overpopulation in shelters is at an all time high right now with the economy in the crapper.our own shelter alone local has 40 kittens.

anyway-the cats:
All cats listed below are on the list to be gassed at 4:30pm on Monday September 15th! Please help them! Spalding is packed with cats, and they are desperate for rescue and adoption

All cats and kittens adopted at Spalding come with a FREE spay/neuter voucher; Adoption fee is $30 ~ cash only ~ Shelter hours are Monday through Friday 10:00am to 4:40pm

spalding cats

another cat needing help:
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(picture does not show injuries-this cat has open wounds)

This poor boy is located at a vet clinic in Hamilton, IL. The county doesn’t help with cats so when the animal control told the teenagers there was nothing he could do to help, they brought this boy into my vets office. He was found in horrible condition with the skin on his stomach hanging off and his skin is falling off in pieces. No money, stray cat with no owner.....he didn’t have many options. It is believed he was hit by a car and drug underneath it. He is incredibly friendly and outgoing, even in the shape he is in. Now what is going to become of him…euthanasia, turned loose back to the streets????? These kids that brought him in can’t take him or pay the bill, with no animal control here for cats this Tom needs your help. He is expected a full recovery so please if you can help donate towards his bill you can call vet office Hancock Veterinary Clinic, at 217-847-3911 or if you can rescue him, please contact Westhancockk9@mchsi.com. Transport to Chicago is available!!


CrypticFragments said...

oh no! we are in FL and already have 7 of our own but he looks like such a good kitty, I pray someone helps him!

my job doesn't start til Nov. but after that if I can make a donation I will ceertainly try, though it may be very small...

please everyone help save the kitties!

Wolf said...

hiya CF!welcome:)

hopefully this particular cat has been saved-but there are many more in need of help daily.