21 November 2008

emergency rescue needed-New jersey


kindly respond directly to the rescuer who is assisting:

Greg's Rescue e-mail: Rabbithaven123@aol.com

Tigger, male, aged 18 1/2 and Precious, female, aged 15--See PHOTOS below!

Monmouth County Area, NJ

These kitties are going to be put to sleep on Saturday, because the owner has decided she wants to travel. They were beloved pets until now. Please step up and help these gorgeous kitties! This is the worst thing anyone in the world can do to healthy animals when the owner is still well enough and able to care for them. How can they be worth loving all these years and just suddenly of no value now? Can you imagine how fearful they would be to be taken to a shelter and euthanized? Owner is willing to update the vetting on these cats.

REQUESTS ARE BEING MADE FOR IMMEDIATE RESCUE -- An adoption would be welcome -- If you are intested in fostering these kitties or adopting them, please contact Greg directly, as he is in touch with the owner:

Greg's Rescue e-mail: Rabbithaven123@aol.com


These two lovely seniors are not in our care, we are assisting their owner in their placement. Please contact us ASAP if you are able to provide a foster or forever home for this sweet pair. Their owner seriously having them euthanized if a home cannot be found ASAP. (date has now been determined--they must be out by Saturday, 11/22)

Tigger is 18 1/2 and his sister, Precious is 15. Their owner will be traveling quite a bit and thought that it wasn't fair to the cats.

Their owner has agreed to provide for their initial vet visit.

They are spayed/neutered, litterbox trained have only been updated with rabies shots every year and are great cats that need a place to spend their golden years.

*blogger's note-
HOW can you euthenize 2 beloved pets that old..for travel!?
you can wait a couple years?the cat's 18,for god's sake.

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