13 October 2009

health care,tooth fairies and other american myths

so..can somebody enlighten me to what this whole health care reform fight is about?
i'm hearing they're concentrating on 15-40 year olds (great,screwed again),and also hearing we'll get fines if we don't get insurance?

now,if i HAD the money for insurance,wouldn't i have it already? all a fine will do,if this is true is further punish low income people.
low income in this case i mean the working poor who make just a pissing amount too much to qualify for help of any kind.

now considering we have to work til at least 62/65 barring accidents that stop us from working,i do think 40-65 should have some qualifications..unless we're being thrown in that "death bracket" i keep hearing about.
if any of that rumor is true,then that means we'll probably be camels for the ones who are getting some kind of coverage.
some how i feel i'm gonna be paying for yet another service i'm not eligible for.

granted,some of this is probably talk to slant a side,but you have to admit a lot of the real info seems vague.

oh..and tooth fairies?
since when do kids get $1 per tooth?i got thrown a dime,and considered myself lucky.
that bitch owes me back pay LOL ;)


Jasmine said...

$1? Maybe it's different in different states because I've seen more than that left for a tooth.


Wolf said...


oh man..now i really feel slighted LOL..that's some lucky kids:)

Jasmine said...

Hahaha. I know, seriously.