23 December 2009

OMG! snow! i'm gonna die!... puhleeze...

have you ever noticed now every storm is "record" "of the century" "deadly" yadda yadda yadda..whiff o' snow? oh lord,call school off..
sure,people were paranoid when i was a kid about it,scrambling for the "bread and milk run" (as if it were a blizzard,those two things would be worth eating for 2 weeks..mom,get some real food,K?)
but now,every little storm is going to cause instant death on impact.

we had a lot more than this recent fall in 1978.this is NOTHING-we had a lot more every winter back then than falls now (hmm..maybe there is something to global warming..but right now,i'm not feeling it).we lived-and this in the time of the atari.
ok,the makeup days royally sucked-we barely got a summer vacation that year.
i imagine if school went into august nowadays,parents would be howling their precious lil' princes didn't have air conditioning.oh WAH.
back in the old days we got told "suck it up" and that was the end of it.:)

when exactly did we become so fragile?
sad thing is-i see no kids out playing in the snow,snowballs,snow forts..
put the tech down kids.when you get older and have no free time,you might wish you did once in a while.although you're never too old to plop your 'bro in the head with a snowball.it's even funnier when they're 40 something :)=)

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