02 June 2010

new rehome emergencies-long island&queens,NY

reposts for original posters:

Oakdale, Long Island


This is Simon waiting to be fed at the back of my car! He likes to eat in my trunk!! You see, he lives in a parking lot in Oakdale where there were other cats, but no longer. Simon is one of the few that are left. The others? Relocated by a neighbor who did not want us to feed them!! Now I fear for Simon’s life.

But Simon was always different from the other cats. He was not born on the street like the others and is very friendly. He would probably like to have a good home that he can be warm in the winter and go outside on a nice day.

As you can see, he’s a black and white male, and he’s neutered. He’s a big boy! Loves catnip and loves to eat! He’s probably around 4 years old. I’m guessing but he’s not too old.

If there is anyone who might be interested, please give me a call and we’ll talk. It needs to be the perfect home for Simon.

If interested, call

Rose at 516-803-2944 – Day

Or 631-750-3005 - Evening

Levittown, LI
No Name, No Photos, No Time!
Euths scheduled for this week for 3 cats at Hempstead Animal Shelter, Long Island. They need placement into Managed Care Colonies on LI. If you can place at least one you would be gifting a deserving life.
Frances Lucivero is the shelter liaison who will make the pulls if colony caretakers will kindly step forward. Frances will supply all additional info and needed support.
PLEASE Contact Frances before Thursday June 3. I believe it will be too late beyond Thursday.
Contact Frances:
f_lucivero@yahoo.com ( that is "f" _ ) Underscore

1. Case 6050 (I don't have a name) - 5 yr old, neutered male. Tested, vaccinated. Lived in a house for 5 years. The owners - couple who one had a stroke and the other a heart attack. Completely stressed out in the Shelter - time is up at Shelter.

2. Stella - 1 yr old, spayed female. Tested, vaccinated, ear notched. In the Shelter since January. Moved to foster in April, no improvement; feral needs release.

3. Mandy - ~2-3 yr old gorgeous calico. Spayed, ear notched, tested, vaccinated. Brought in a trap to Shelter as feral who was already TNRd so she was obviously being cared for and some idiot didn't like her on his property and trapped her. She is not feral, but stray. Again, time is up at the Shelter.

I help a woman in Queens,NY who struggles to feed and care for the many homeless cats in her neighborhood. Recently her neighbors moved and left their poor sweet cat outside. He hangs out in Nancy's yard and cries and tries to hop in people's cars. She tried to let him inside with her mother who lives downstairs but her mother's cat bullies him.Nancy herself is full to capacity.She is so afraid he will get hit by a car as he wanders across the streets and she has already found the bodies of 3 cats she feeds in the road within just the last few weeks.The area shelter is high kill so she does not want to bring him there.If you can help,please call Nancy directly at 347-767-0831.Thank you-Donna Truhn

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