10 August 2010

the times,they are a changin'

maybe it's just my area..but i've been seeing more and more high dollar yard sales lately.and i think i went to the mother of them all last week.
$75 dollar USED swimsuits.
$1200 doorway/jamb combo.
60 dollar plaster molded mirrors,at least 75 years old and missing both gilt and plaster..basically everything was 60 and up.

it could be said when the 'upper' middle class have yard sales,we're in trouble.
it can also be said..y'all need a reality check.
your battered antiques ain't gonna get big bucks.and people usually walk out of high priced yard sales.oh,the poor nouveau riche.

yea,i know.i'm being a bitch.but you have to understand this town.
these people have been lording it too long.

anyway,hope you all have a good one :)

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