01 October 2010

new NYC/NJ cats need homes

We THOUGHT we had a home for Geri
but it was not to be...
NOW, Geri has N
O WHERE to go...
*** This is Geri and she is declawed, Healthy and 15 years young. She
THRIVES on love an
d being cuddled and taking naps on a warm cozy lap.
This will all end shortly if we can't find a Home for her final,
deserving years!

Mom lost her home and people she is staying with want Geri gone NOW! Mom
is stalling from taking GERI to kill shelter but no other options...
516 330 3304 Cell
Please Help Geri!

Long Island, New Yo
Winter is Coming...
His name is Shadow. He is an 8-10 yr old former feral, now tamed & friendly cat living in the harsh outdoor world. He used to be feral, but his care taker has worked with him over the years and he's now a friendly outdoor kitty, still skittish but warms up quickly.
His life has been wonderful but is taking a turn for the worst. There's a beautiful family of red fox that have slowly moved into "his" territory!!! He has been surrounded in the middle of the night by them & forced to defend himself. The fox steal his food every evening now and if they get hungry enough...the care taker cannot bring him in due to other animals that all need to be kept separated from each other for a variety of reasons.
SHADOW is beginning to show signs of getting older now that he's about 10. With winter coming,the situation is not a good one for this older kitty!
516 330 3304 Cell


Hi -about the 2 cats that I have and need to find homes for in the very near, close future. I have a male (Noel) and a female (Buffy) and they are 7.5 and 7 years old. I am unfortunately commited to taking a place to live and they do not allow pets. I am heartbroken, but I really have to make this move. My daughter is pretty upset about this and she would be happier, just as I would, to see them taken in the care of "someone" and not getting dropped off at a shelter. I am attaching pictures of them as well. I rescued both of them about 6 months apart from one another. They were both spayed and neuters, given all of their preliminary shots and tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. They have been indoor cats so I never brought them back for the "yearly shots" . Noel, is a bigger cat, he isn't really a lap cat, but does like affection and is a bit more playful than Buffy is at times. Buffy is thin to me, but she seems to get along fine so I never decided to take her to the vet. She is a bit skittish and really takes her time to warm up to a person. She will cuddle once she gets comfortable. They both have their claws and have never destroyed anything furniture wise. I do have a multi-tiered cat condo and they seem to take their scratching needs on that as well as sleep on it. I am moving to my new place on the 1st. I can probably keep them where I am for a week beyond that, but that would really be it. So I would need them adopted by October 8th. Here is my cell phone if you have any other questions for me please call or text me. 732-306-3846. Thanks so much.

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Pin-Feathers said...

Oh my - you have a good heart. You should post that you need to find homes on the Ebay discussion boards as there are many, many cat lovers there.
Good luck.