14 October 2011

what grinds my gears..

"..for women over 40"..
ok..so maybe because i'm 42,that phrase when applied to fashion drives a wedge up my ass.OMG,how dare we be over the magic age of 24 (who decided that?),and all of a sudden at the strike of the first minute of 40(horrors)we must cut our hair and dress matronly.
now,i'm not talking about wearing clubwear aimed at the younger set 24/7,but i do not care for fashion designers that act like we are instantly to be ashamed of being so "old" or something.

i will wear my long hair..down,at that.
i will wear jeans and a rock shirt.and chuck taylor's if i wanna.
when i am 80,i will happily wear burqa-esqe clothes then,because by that time i will not likely want to look at myself either..but that will be my decision,not the media youth machine.

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