09 August 2008

care package for the land of "far" ;)

photos of home for a friend..and everyone else to enjoy too.
it's funny-i never noticed til now how many signs,power lines and cars were in the fricking way of a good shot.way to go,town council.how 'bout burying the damn lines already like everywhere else has?
...aaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go..

the new scrimshaw place being rebuilt..kind of looks like the old in shape..

brick alley pub

the ever growing music box-the whole thing is it now

this guy ruined my shot-so we now laugh at you,mr.fat ass van..

the new del's lemonade..

building o' stuff..

if you had barking crabs,would you admit it?
seriously,though-i hear their food's good.


the crew at cumby's waves hello-thanks guys for letting me take your picture! :)


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