29 August 2008

it's just one of those days

*public service announcement*
hey you in VAB..yes you-do you THINK you could scan your frickin virused computer every now and then?i'm getting mighty tired of spam bouncing off me from there.

and now the news..
my city in it's infinite wisdom,has decided in it's delusion to raise property taxes again.wonder how many people will have to leave before they get a clue.oh,everyone's broke..let's overtax those left.thanks assholes.can't tell you how much i like eating green beans and raisins-you try to make a meal of that.
but the economy's fine..hey,look a unicorn..

oh,but we have segways!whee!i guess 2 wheels are better to avoid the gaping potholes in our streets than 4.this town needs an enema..and an audit.

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