28 December 2008

Rave:My Ugly Kitty website/blog

as much as i usually don't rave sites,this is a must see.
Quasi the cat,the feline of the site,is a special needs kitty adopted by the website's owner,and is hands down the most unique cat i think i have ever seen.
Quasi has an sweetness of face you can't help but love.

check out the site,and Quasi products are available.donations are made to a shelter
(i believe the one Quasi came from),so it's for a good cause.

My Ugly Kitty

psst..wanna buy a sub?

from the providence journal:
For sale: Old Russian sub

Maria Armental
PROVIDENCE -- Providence's Russian sub -- which sank last year and was raised again this summer with much travail -- is to become scrap metal, that is, if no one steps up to buy the vessel intact, the Russian Sub Museum announced today.

The submarine, featured in the 2002 Harrison Ford film "K-19: The Widowmaker," was a local attraction and educational facility from August 2002 until it sank in April 2007 during a storm.

Frank Lennon, director of the Russian Sub Museum, said in a statement today that the group had reached an agreement with a metal recycling company to move the submarine downriver and dismantle it for scrap if no buyers step up.

"We have inquiries as far away as Australia," Lennon said thsi afternoon, "but having inquiries is one thing. Having a solid interest or request is another."

Lennon said the group is pressed for time because the sub must be moved for the damaged piers to be repaired.

According to the terms of the agreement, the sub will be towed away before the end of January.

Still, he said, that doesn't mean the sub would be scrapped immediately.

"We made every effort to figure out a way to restore this historic vessel and reopen her as a public attraction," said Lennon. "Marine surveyors and salvage experts helped us evaluate the options, and we finally concluded that after 15 months underwater, the condition of the interior is such that restoration is simply not a financially viable option for our group."

If it comes down to junking it, Lennon said, "We plan to remove items such as the periscopes, torpedo tube doors, missile firing stations, engine order telegraphs, and various other controls and gauges."

blogger's note:
i'm still not entirely certain how we got the sub in the first place,but there it is.


BeadedTail said...

Thanks for the link to Quasi's site! I've seen their Etsy shop but not the website before. I'll check it out because I think Quasi is a very special kitty and agree with you about her sweet face!

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