06 January 2009

sad state of the state

so i was reading that a homeless man froze to death in providence the other night.
"middle aged" meaning he was probably one who lost his job and home recently.

yet at the same time in the paper,people were lauding how the "first night" and various other stupid social things were saved due to donations.

it just makes me sick.the "well-to-do" in this area will contribute to events,and saving stupid buildings only they care about,while people are homeless,starving,cold.
surely a human being is a more rewarding contribution,especially in these times,than
fireworks we really don't need?or a replicated horse trough in newport that nobody remembers because it was over 100 years ago!?

i said a long time ago that this one industry industry around rhode island would bite them on the ass one day-you have to diversify,or you set yourself up for economic problems in the long run.nobody's travelling (well,as least as much for non-business),so the hospitality/tourist industry is hurting.hence no jobs.

there will probably be more guys like the one in providence.
there but for the grace go we all.

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