16 January 2009

the amazing spirit of a kitten

this story really touched me-
disabled kitty
it's about tashi,a rescued kitten who was found in a feral cat colony.
tashi has a congenital spinal defect,which causes problems walking.watching the video however,the happiness and general cheer of the feline belies the condition.
what tashi lacks in motor skills,she makes up for in enthusiasm.

they are doing rehab for the kitten,trying to strengthen the legs so perhaps she can walk one day on her own.for now,she is aided with a sling for the back legs.
i think they accept donations for care,so check out the link,and perhaps donate
for the cute lil' tabby.

this place is also rescuer to an all black cat who was hit by a car and now uses a wheelchair.he has already gone to a new home.

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