29 January 2009

snow wusses..

what is it now with kids getting out of school on the rumor of snow?
do they like accruing summer days?
don't know whose idea that was,the schools or the parents..or both.

when i was little,we had to have 4 to 6 inches on the ground before they even thought about it.kids weren't gonna melt,it wasn't a big issue.although i must admit during the blizzard of 1978,we had more than we could handle.i think i was making up days til august that year.the year before,my school didn't even have a furnace-the other half of the school had burnt down.that'd probably be a lawsuit today ("what do you mean my kid has no heat?wah wah wah")but y'know,we lived.
..and double sided purple printed test sheets probably helped.
and if you're over 35,you DO know what i mean LOL
(what was in that ink?)

it seems like after katrina,the slightest storm of any kind makes people go into a frenzy.i can't believe i'm seeing people freak out over 1 inch of snow.

and oh yes..
i did carry my lunch to school in a metal bucket.
a metal bucket with scooby doo on it,that is. :)

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