04 February 2009

global warming..feh.

why feh?
i'm sorry..i live in new england,and looking out the window this morning,
the idea of warming seems far fetched (this is sarcasm..yes i know it's a real deal).
three inches of ice at least in some places(aka,neighbors didn't shovel).
i remember hearing a story a long time ago (and that probably is just an urban legend)
about missionaries preaching to eskimos about why they should go to church,or face a place of eternal warmth.they replied "how do we get there?"

anyway..on to today's tunes..
featuring "entombed".
now,i usually have a limited tolerance of scream metal..i DO like it,but in small doses.but this song,i love.why? because they have a metalish version of the phantasm theme at the end.
phantasm was one of my favorite horror movies..something about it was just so creepy.
i was watching it at home once,and my brother threw one of those silver legg's eggs at me and scared the piss out of me.y'gotta love older brothers.

here is the video for "left hand path"..enjoy!

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