21 February 2009

a repost for zazzers united

We have a new linking oppurtunity for a program that will be releasing soon. ZAC(Zazzle Affiliates Club) is going to be a promotional site oriented toward making the affiliate program lots easier to use, and intergrating many tools,programs and people from places like Spy~N~Buy, Squidoo, MySpace, WishAds and some others working together to create a better, easier to use and more lucrative affiliate program to use with Zazzle.

What we have up for offering for now and for a limited time, is to add your shops link to the listing that the affiliates can use to select the items their going to promote or use on their own sites. So this can lead to more sales for you, just by having your shop listed as a shop they can choose to promote.

The entire site is not open for business yet, but we decided to let people start adding their links now. Please only add your link to relevant categories(more on this topic at the site).

For now, its setup for specific shops that have a niche market, or only sale particular types of products. More types of categories will be added at a later date.

Here is the link to for the pages to add your links too.........
ZU store link

Please follow the directions very closely, as we dont want anyone to get banned and left out. Its a very simple form to fill out, well look over the entries and post them live ASAP. If you do happen to get banned, there is nothing we can do for you, just be patient if your category isnt listed.


bloggers note-this is only for zazzle shops,as far as i know he's not adding other
POD's..hence, "zazzers united".as he says,read the instructions carefully.

while we're on the subject of links,zazzlers can feel free also to add their links to my
top list,located on right side of main page,however cafepress links and personal art sites are ok with me too.

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