27 February 2009

political poo

ok..so normally i try to avoid politics with a ten foot pole..
did anyone else see the old senatorial/congressional bastard sleeping in
the audience during obama's speech the other day? see,now that's half the problem right there.couldn't be bothered to stay awake,during as important a discussion as this country's finances going to shit?
were i obama,i would have got right off that podium and called him out right there.
and fined him.his job is to listen and represent people,not sleep.

and while we're on the subject..some of the same people lauding obama not too long ago,crying for impeachment already.jeez,do they reasonably expect the man to even make a dent in 8 years of mess in 2 months? that'll probably take 2 terms.

i'm glad we got someone other than a Joe Q Oldguy yet again in office.
people that old don't care what happens,they're going to retire soon.
and most likely with a huge pension.
the old guy network is a large part of the problem of why rhode island's neck and neck with michigan for being most financially screwed.if they don't care about the hardships of the growing lower middle,get 'em out.

and on an onrelated note,RIP "socks", first cat.
socks died of feline cancer this month.


Annalee said...

Years ago I went to express my support and opinions about domestic violence shelters and rape prevention at a time frame the concept was still new and looking at some serious cutbacks. That day I went to my legislative branch to express myself, the joker that was to hear me out sat there reclined, feet up on another chair watching the goings on outside and didn't even bother making eye contact with me when I got the chance to talk. At one point he was asleep! Even though I think that one particular man was like the modern Inquisition at heart that didn't want to listen to a bunch of crazy witches fighting for changes, I will never forget my first impressions about how the legislative branch works.

Wolf said...

damn..that was pretty rude of him.
sounds typical though.
sometimes i wonder when we go to talk to any of our representives (so called)if they can even muster a poker face long enough to at least feign attention.